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BikeItalia was born out of a desire to provide a pure riding experience, one that caters for those

that desire something truly special, whether cruising the streets, or tearing down a mountain.  

All our products are born in Italy, the heart of world cycling,

and exhibit the qualities that only a history of passion for cycling can bring:  

Quality, Design Excellence, Durability, Precision, Value for Money, Individualism, Comfort........

Our Partners....

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Masters of the Italian bicycle from 1964.

Guerciotti is a bastion of Milanese style, an icon of success in cyclocross, a brand that looks at the future while maintaining solid family management. Alessandro and Micaela Guerciotti have taken up the challenge launched by their father Paolo, building bicycles designed to excite the next generation of cyclists. 60 years after its foundation, Guerciotti bikes are still the brightest stars in Milan

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Focarini Bikes was created out of the uncompromising strive

for quality, attention to detail and the passion of Fabrizio Focarini,

hailing to a family tradition of frame manufacturing

spanning over three decades.


Focarini bikes are designed, built and assembled in Italy,

under the supervision of Fabrizio Focarini and his team,

with a tradition of quality and unparalleled attention to detail

that they have inherited from their forefathers,

passing it on to every Focarini customer with the

greatest sense of dedication.

Fulgur Cycles was established in 2013, born out of their passion for bikes, e-bikes and enduro bikes. Their work fully embodies the true meaning of quality bikes:

meticulous attention to every detail, crafted entirely in Italy, and hand built by them in their workshop.

Each Fulgur bike is unique, since each rider is 
free to select the components, colours and

detailing they wish. At Fulgur, their design team pay meticulous attention to

every feature, always striving for excellence in every detail,  battle testing their

bikes in competition, to provide competition standard components and design

for bikes you ride every day. 

Their goal is to meet the needs of each rider, 
offering their skills to ensure that together with BikeItalia, they provide you with the best possible build.


The Ultimate Power


Forcarini and Fulgar utilize state-of-the-art electric motors, breed for adventure and unrivalled in power and efficiency in the Ebike space.

With Fulgur's long term relationship with Polini , and Focarini's exciting new partnership with Askoll Ultra, both brands, designed and built in Italy, are guaranteed to provide you with unsurpassed  power, performance and efficiency. 


Polini's EP3+mx produces 90nm, while  the new Askoll Ultra C90A,   produces 110nm in boost mode, making both of them some of the most powerful motors on the market.  And combined with their unique power settings, they will propel you up hills that other bikes would struggle with, and with less effort. 

Plus, unlike other motors, if you happen to run out of battery power on your epic adventure, you will be able to pedal without motor resistance, and if required, easily service these motors yourself with standard tools. 

BikeItalia is the exclusive representative in Australia and New Zealand for both these  brands, and combined with our network of service partners,  you can rest assured you are in good hands, in the unlikely event you need it.   

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Gist is founded on two principles: comfort and safety.  Every single item is designed to be comfortable but appealing at the same time.

Gist Cycling was a cycling clothing brand born in Italy, more precisely in the province of Treviso, within a district famous in the world for quality manufacturing. They have been making clothing and and now accessories and components for the world of cycling since the late 90s . They believe that as you move, you deserve products that respond to your every action.


As a brand, they have challenged  themselves and their  partners to constantly evolve, adapt and look for inspiration beyond their sector, whether it is outdoor, adventure or lifestyle . Year after year, their collection of products has expanded, making innovation their mission, and to offer products that are always cutting-edge and in step with the times.

The synergy between their values, their customers and suppliers is fundamental to their success. A collaborative approach allows them to adapt, progress and create quality products that fit the needs of every rider, whatever their level.


Since 1973 when Giancarlo Stocco and his wife founded the company the Sabena Shoe Factory has continuously evolved, specializing in the production of sports shoes. It was  a family-run company with its deep roots in the Veneto production tradition which defines what “Made in Italy” stands for; Innovation, design, speed, flexibility and quality. 


In 2011, the CRONO brand was founded, which is dedicated to constantly developing lines of technical footwear for competitive athletes and amateur cyclists at the highest level. A modern-looking Italian style with care to detail and precise research for the perfect balance between performance and comfort. 

A family company, DRC was founded in 1992. seeking to develop and produce perfection in rims and hubs by aiming to create the ideal balance between the various components to achieve maximum reliability and performance.


Entirely designed and hand made in Italy, thru the continuous search for increasingly advanced solutions for product development, their products, utilizing Italian genius , design and know-how, are the heart of their pursuit of perfection.


Offering the most complete range of racing wheels in the world, with the best weight/performance ratio, DRC’s high-end rims have a special aesthetic finish that increases their surface hardness,  anti-debeading systems, which prevent low-pressure rides from being a problem.

made by



SILICONI COMMERCIALE SPA  is a leader company in the production of TECHNICAL SPRAYS. Established in 1957 in Vicenza (Italy), over the years Siliconi Commerciale has made itself known in the market for its innovative products.

Today it has:

  • An area of ​​35,000 square meters

  • Modern production facilities

  • Laboratories equipped for Research and Development of new products

  • Wide range of High Quality products

  • A team of young, dynamic, proactive, highly qualified people

SILICONI COMMERCIALE SPA has always created and produced sprays for bike care, and thanks to the passion for this sport, Siliconi’s Team has created a special range dedicated specifically to the bike and continues to develop new products, incorporating features: that are: 

  • Eco-friendly

  • Highly Performing

  • Attentive to the user’s needs

SPRAYKE is dedicated to producing products that are Smart & Green  for BIKE and E-BIKE applications. 

FULGUR "We use Sprayke because they guarantee the preservation of our product, they do not create problems to the paint and carbon, they also preserve the electrical contacts and the bike is always perfect, we have been testing them for years with our team and I guarantee they are top."
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Taking care of performance means taking care of everything we do.

Given their more than forty years of experience in technical clothing for cycling, when you wear a Parentini garment, you are dressing with innovation, passion and style. It is nothing but the best cycling apparel available today, and why is is used by many European national teams..

Parentini remains true to its roots as a family company, rooted in Tuscany, a region known to enthusiasts for being the very heart of cycling.


Parentini's utilization of special tailoring techniques has revolutionized the art of  performance garment production, and with their customized cut and shape, their clothing  will dress you during your ride like a second skin, giving freedom of movement, comfort and protection from the elements. In addition, the INGA line of clothing  are made in fabrics with yarns produced from  RECYCLED plastics, so not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

No matter where the road takes you, Parentini will support you all the way.

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